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A mainstay of The Fair Housing Council's (FHCO) education and outreach efforts has been trainings and presentations ever since our nonprofit was founded in 1990.

Our work includes providing classes to both housing consumers (renters, buyers, mortgage applicants, etc.) and housing providers (landlords, Realtors(R), lenders, homeowners, homeowner associations, jurisdictions, etc.) on their rights and responsibilities under fair housing laws across Oregon and SW Washington.

We average over 70 classes each year, reaching more than 2,000 individuals in 50-some towns and cities annually.

We have been invited to train many of the landlord and Realtor(R) associations across our territory and have been trained ourselves by the American Society for Training & Development. In addition to our own in-house staff, we also host national nationally renowned speakers from time to time.

We work hard to make what could otherwise be a dry and intimidating subject as relative, accessible, entertaining, and informative as possible. Continuous rave reviews assure us we're meeting the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Some classes are offered in the community free of charge compliments of various grants we have secured. We also offer customizable fee-for-service presentations. In addition to classes, we offer periodic events throughout the year, especially around April which is Fair Housing Month.

Below is our training and events calendar as well as some related links that may be of interest:



In addition to trainings, FHCO participates in several home fairs and other community events throughout the year. 'Interesting in helping at such events? Visit www.FHCO.org/get_involved.htm

Education Director, Diane Hess,
tabling at the Native American Home
Buyer Fair in Portland, OR.

“FHCO’s presentation is lively and engaging and clearly illustrates the reasoning behind the laws.”
Kay Steele, Resident Property Manager,
Southeast Works


A class on the Fair Housing Act's Design & Construction Requirements to members of the
Oregon's Building Officials Assn. in Oregon City, OR




“FHCO trainers understand the complexities that property mangers face in their daily jobs and can offer solid advice to avoid mistakes that well-intentioned people make when they lack property training.”
Michael Havlik, Residential Investment Mgr.




A national speaker (above) presents "the Advantages of Compliance" (below) to auditorum of architects, builders, contractors, designers, building officials and city planners at a Fair Housing Accessibility Training in Beaverton, OR.



“The information the FHCO staff presented was excellent, and we really appreciated the flexibility in the presentation.”
Bill Heath , Rural Development Specialists,
Rural Community Assistance Program

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To Schedule a Speaker or Your Own In-Housing Training Session:

Review our current class list. Contact us If you have questions, or to check availability and expense details:

Diane Hess
Education Director
dhess@FHCO.org, 503/223-8197 Ext. 108

"Thank You"

The FHCO would like to thank our partners and members for their support.
Their contributions and grants have helped to make the resources on this site possible.
Please join them in supporting our efforts!

If you have a fair housing question, or to report a fair housing complaint, please call 503/223-8197 Ext. 2 or 800/424-3247 Ext. 2 (TTY and translation available). Alternatively, you may call HUD at 800/877-0246.

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