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The Fair Housing Jeopardy Game

Fair Housing Jeopardy is one of dozens of classes we offer. For a full list of class offerings and information about custom classes, visit our Classes and Events page.

The Fair Housing Council (FHCO) has played Jeopardy with groups as small as twenty-some to as big as over 200. The program is highly interactive, entertaining, and above all, educational.

Looking for an Usual, Entertaining Educational Presentation?

Put on your thinking caps and competitive spirit for this fun opportunity to test your fair housing knowledge and win prizes. This session is ideal for groups that have already had basic fair housing training, although it can be adapted as needed. Standard Fair Housing Jeopardy categories include protected classes, random acts of discrimination, modifications & accommodations, and testing.

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Class Specifications:


Generally 2 hours; can be incorporated into larger fair housing class by including lecture and discussion of other training topics such as advertising or assistance animals, etc. Visit our Classes and Events page to explore additional courses you may wish to mix and match.


$300 for a 2-hour session; based on attendance of 15 individuals. Additional costs for larger groups; presentations outside of Multnomah, Clackamas, Clark, and Washington Counties may bare travel and lodging expenses if they can not be covered by an existing grant.

There are times presentations may be covered under a pre-existing funding source, allowing for reduced training costs; please inquire. Rates and class offerings subject to change.

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To Schedule a Jeopardy Game:

We would be pleased to play Fair Housing Jeopardy with you and your class, organization, or office. If you have questions, please contact our Education and Outreach staff to check availability and expense details:

Diane Hess
Education Director
dhess@FHCO.org or 503/223-8197 ext. 108

Jo Becker
Education / Outreach Specialist
jbecker@FHCO.org or 503/453-4016

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"Thank You"

The FHCO would like to thank our partners and members for their support.
Their contributions and grants have helped to make the resources on this site possible.
Please join them in supporting our efforts!

If you have a fair housing question, or to report a fair housing complaint, please call 503/223-8197 Ext. 2 or 800/424-3247 Ext. 2 (TTY and translation available). Alternatively, you may call HUD at 800/877-0246.

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