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Assistance Animals

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Assistance Animals in Housing

NOTE: In early 2011 changes were announced to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it relates to service and companion animals. You should know that the ADA deals with public places not housing (save for rental / sales offices and model units and any other areas of a residential property that are made available to the general public). The Fair Housing Act (FHA) applies to housing. Changes to ADA have no affect whatsoever on the FHA. For further clarity on this issue, read HUD's 02/17/2011 Memo as well as an article by FHCO on the subject.

Following are relevant articles by the FHCO as well as several useful links. A few key things you should know, within the context of housing, about those with disabilities who require the aid of an animal:

  • It doesn't matter what you call them (service animal, assistance animal, therapy animal, companion animal, aide animal, working animal, etc.)
  • They are not pets and may not be treated as such (denied because "pets" aren't allowed, charged a fee / deposit / or rent specific to that assistance animal, etc.)
  • Such animals are defined differently under fair housing laws than in the Americans with Disabilities Act. The Fair Housing Act applies in all housing transactions (renting, sales, homeowners associations, etc.).
  • Generally, you may not restrict the breeds of assistance animals but in very narrow circumstances . See HUD's 06/12/2006 Memo on the subject.

If you still have fair housing questions, contact the Fair Housing Hotline at 503/223-8197 Ext. 2 (Portland metro area) or 800/424-3247 Ext. 2 or at information@FHCO.org.

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FHCO Articles on Aid Animals

Videos on Aid Animals

“Wonder Dogs,” The New York Times
by Melissa Fay Greene

Note: The article associated with this video is also quite amazing.

VIDEO / IMAGE CREDIT: Ashley Gilbertson VII

“Assistance Dogs for Combat Veterans”

For a personal success story watch Fox News’ “Group gives wounded vets assistance animals to help heal” at www.video.foxnews.com/v/

VIDEO / IMAGE CREDIT: Canines for Combat Veterans

“Monkey College, ” monkeyhelpers.org
Sit in on monkey training sessions at www.monkeyhelpers.org/ourfamily/monkeys/video

For a personal, success story watch “Judy and Sophie's Story” at www.monkeyhelpers.org/ourfamily/monkeys/


Check out a couple miniature service pony videos here:·

CBS News

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Information on Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications

Please visit www.FHCO.org/pdfs/RA-RMinfo.pdf for more information.

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Verification Resources

Sample request and verification forms can be found at www.FHCO.org/forms.htm. A guidebook for medical providers may be downloaded at www.FHCO.org/guidebooks.htm.

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